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 Garry's Mod Review - dark_Raptor

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PostSubject: Garry's Mod Review - dark_Raptor   Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:35 pm

Probably the most fun you can have with any Half Life 2 mod. For the cheap price of 10$ this game is so worth it... What is it? It is many, many things, for multi-player there are different modes, such as zombie survival, build, winter survival, and others.

Single player, my personal favorite, is a big sandbox where you can do anything, (when I say anything I mean anything) you want to. Addons are extremely awesome because there are so many.
Download site for addons:

Tutorial how to import addons:
  • Unlimitedness on what you can do.
  • garrysmod.org can provide anything you need.
  • Multiplayer is fun too.
  • Only 10$

  • Sometimes has major lag.
  • Requires HL2.

My rating : 9.8/10

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Garry's Mod Review - dark_Raptor
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